5 Objects That Make Unique Bedside Table Alternatives

bedside ladder table

Photo: Andrew Snow Photography via Houzz Maybe you're short on cash at the moment, maybe you've got limited space beside your bed, or maybe you'd just like to add some character to your bedroom decor. Whatever your reason, check out these unique ideas to create that one-of-a-kind bedside table in your Flanders Hill apartment in Westborough. Reach new … [Read more...]

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Acapulcos Mexican Restaurant

acapulcos mexican restaurant

Invite your best friends to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Westborough with you at Acapulcos Mexican Restaurant. It's only about four miles from your Flanders Hills at Westborough apartment. Check out what makes Acapulcos Mexican Restaurant so appealing. This family-owned restaurant offers authentic Mexican cuisine. Their menu features lunch and dinner … [Read more...]

Explore the Outdoors at Nearby Hopkinton State Park

massachusetts park

Take some time to go on a relaxing walk in nature at the Hopkinton State Park. It's one of the most breathtaking parks in Westborough, and it's only about two miles from your Westborough apartment. Here is what makes Hopkinton State Park so special. This park features beautiful walking or hiking trails surrounded by breathtaking views. Whether you plan … [Read more...]

Living History: The Willard House and Clock Museum

willard house and clock museum

If you're looking for a museum filled with history to visit near your Westborough apartment, you must check out the Willard House and Clock Museum. It's an exciting place with historic roots. Here are the must-know details about this clock museum. The Willard House and Clock Museum is located on 11Willard Street in North Grafton. The unique atmosphere … [Read more...]

Full-Size Washers/Dryers Included in Each Unit at Flanders Hill


One of the things that turns a rental unit into a place you want to call home is convenience. If your search for a new apartment home has left you feeling like you will never find the right combination of floor plans and convenience, take a look at our Westborough apartments with washers/dryers right in the unit. What could be more convenient than have … [Read more...]

Savor Spring at Our Westborough Apartments’ Heated Pool


You may not be able to prove it by looking out the window, but spring has finally arrived. Regardless of the current temperatures, it is time to think about all the great ways to have fun in the sun in our Flanders Hill at Westborough apartment community. Our Westborough apartments' heated pool is just one of our great outdoor amenities you can enjoy once … [Read more...]

Floor Plan Spotlight: One-Bedroom Westborough Apartments


For those out there searching for the perfect combination of floor plan and amenities in one-bedroom Westborough apartments, we invite you to come and see the units we have to offer in our Flanders Hill at Westborough apartment community. We have four different floor plans and a whole host of great amenities, both in our apartments and in our … [Read more...]

Love Nature? Flanders Hill Boasts 62 Acres of Green Space


There are those of us that can only be comfortable with the outdoors as our constant companions. Living amid the expanses of our great forests brings a certain calming flavor to our lives, making it a truly happy existence. If you have these urges and yet still need to be close to the urban life that we have all become part of, you don’t need to make a … [Read more...]

Hosting Friends at Flanders Hill? Stocking the Overnight Essentials


As adults, people start to spread out far and wide. That means that when friends come calling at your luxury apartment in Westborough, you will occasionally need to give them a place to stay for the night. Be prepared with overnight guest essentials at your apartment. If you don't have guests often then a guest room may be a waste of space. Instead, … [Read more...]

3 Apartment Storage Solutions for Everyday Items


When looking for luxury Westborough apartments, storage is an important concern. Residents at our apartments can make use of one or more of these storage solution tips to make your space work. Make your system simple and flexible. Shelves and cubbies are an easy place to stash stuff, and you can reuse it for as many different items as you need. Binders … [Read more...]